Welcome to Hattimatim Online Shopping Store !

Welcome to Hattimatim Online Shopping Store !

About Us

hattimatim.com.bd is the digital platform of Hatti Matim Tim. The journey of Hatti Matim Tim starts from Mymensingh in 2013 with a small Kids clothing shop, now it's having several Physical Shop in several district in Bangladesh. 

To extend the business and to the each and every customer in Bangladesh, we have started this eCommerce platform to serve each and every parents. The moto as "Biggest online store in Bangladesh for Kids, Babies and Mother care" have define with largest varieties of product as well as other services. Hatti Matim Tim servimg it's customer service with in house renowned BPO call center names "Wavemakers" (wavemakers.xyz) which is another concern of Hatti Matim Tim. Hatti Matim Tim also actively involve in import business for it's own product from China, Thailand and India. 

hattimatim.com.bd is also have another part to help to our new parents with it's own blog where hundreds of Doctors are replying on query of any parents. Gradually hattimatim.com.bd will extend it's service in healthcare, Parenting and education as well.

Currently we have successfully launch for Doctors Search and appointment, Day Care, Pre School and School information on it's website.

In finally Summary hattimatim.com.bd will serve a parents to buy any product for their most caring ones, get medical support and also parting guideline from a single eCommerce platform.